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Mobile Nail Technician Careers

Many people dream of having a mobile nail technician career. Some like the idea of being their own boss, but do not want the hassles of owning or renting a salon. Others want employment that allows them to have flexible hours so they can spend time with their loved ones yet still have a career. Some people want to be mobile nail techs so they can have more time for their personal interests or other jobs. Still others simply enjoy providing nail care services to people who are unable or unwilling to go to salons for such services. There are many advantages and reasons to acquire a mobile nail technician career. However, there are also other factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a career as a mobile nail technician.

Qualifications, skills, and educational requirements

A mobile nail tech needs the same qualifications, skills, and education that a full-fledged salon nail tech requires. The individual will also need the same business management skills that a successful salon owner has. Although some nail salons do employ mobile technicians, most mobile nail techs are self-employed. This means the individual will have to:

Be very decisive

As a small business owner, the person will have to make all the business decisions, including how to promote and finance each aspect of the business, which products and equipment to use, which clients to accept, what prices to charge, and which services to offer.

Have good organisational and record management skills

The individual will be responsible for obtaining and securely storing accurate personal information on each client, as well as contact information for each vendor and supplier. Although it might be tempting to forego client consultation and avoid maintaining records, both are essential to the success of a nail technician career. The person will also be responsible for organising and properly storing and transporting products and equipment.

Develop self-discipline and self-motivational skills

It’s quite easy to get distracted or to procrastinate whenever there’s no boss telling you what to do and when to do it. It’s also very easy to get discouraged when business isn’t going as well as it was expected to. Since there’s no one else to provide the rewards for a job well-done or to set the consequences of poor performance, the individual will have to do this.

Acquire and maintain a thorough knowledge of the nail care industry

Since the mobile nail tech is most likely self-employed, it will be up to the individual to acquire the necessary knowledge regarding what standards, legislation, and licensing must be complied with. It’s also up to the individual to keep up to date awareness of the current trends. Mobile nail techs also need to be aware of various products and equipment that’s available on the market and which ones may have been recalled or banned.

Have the ability to set and comply with health and safety standards

There are many products and treatments which can be harmful to the technician and the client. Since the mobile technician will be working alone, the individual must take full responsibility for ensuring that all possible precautions are taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone concerned.

Have excellent math and finance management skills

The individual will need to be able to acquire and budget money for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses. The person must also be able to keep accurate financial records and know which tax and accounting laws may apply to the business. The individual will also have to be able to evaluate financial situations, set long-term goals, and set standards to determine success rate.

Have and maintain reliable transportation

Mobile nail technicians cannot be very mobile without reliable transportation to get themselves and their equipment to the various appointments.

Have excellent time and stress management skills

The individual will need to know how to schedule appointments and other tasks in such a way that everything gets done in an efficient manner. If things aren’t done in a timely, efficient manner, then it can create a stress overload for self, clients, family members, and suppliers.

Have excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills

Mobile nail techs have to be able to effectively communicate and interact with their clients, vendors, and suppliers verbally and non-verbally, as well as in writing, on-line, and telephonically.

Be able to multi-task

A self-employed nail technician may have to do several tasks simultaneously. For example, the individual may have to take a business call while getting prepared for the next appointment. Or perhaps the person may have to get a child off to school while setting the business agenda for the day.

Risk Management and insurance

Another major factor for mobile nail technicians to consider is risk management. Even without all the health and safety issues, numerous things can go wrong due to business activities and treatments. Whether self-employed or employed by someone else, mobile techs are legally responsible for whatever bodily harm or property damage that is caused by their own actions. So all nail technicians need to know how to assess, eliminate, reduce, and control all forms of risks and safety hazards.

There’s lots of information available on-line and off-line on how to manage risk in salons, but it has to be slightly altered to fit the mobile nail technician’s needs. However, all risk management programmes contain at least a minimum amount of insurance cover. For mobile nail technicians, this must include commercial vehicle motor liability covers or at least a little extra personal motor vehicle cover. Basic small business insurance covers should also be included, as well as stock and equipment in transit cover. Large amounts of Public and Product liability insurance should be added to the portfolio. A mobile nail technician career can be very rewarding, but can also be easily destroyed in moments without adequate insurance cover.