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Mobile hairdressing advantages and disadvantages balance out fairly well, according to numerous U.K. hairdressers. They claim a mobile freelance hairdressing business gives them more freedom and flexibility than owning a salon or renting a salon chair does. They also claim that it’s less stressful and much safer than doing home hairdressing, owing to not having to invite potentially dangerous people into your home.

It’s also less expensive to operate a mobile hairdressing business than it is to do home hairdressing or to own your own salon. There are not as many overhead costs, like building maintenance, rent or mortgage payments, and utilities. Less insurance coverage is needed, as well, since there are no buildings to be insured. However, you may need special permits, licenses, and insurance coverage that you would not need otherwise for another type of freelance hairdressing business.

With mobile hairdressing, you need not worry about maintaining your home or a salon at a high health and safety standard. Nor do you need to worry whether or not your work area is projecting a professional image to your customers. However, you will not get to control your work environment like you would if you were doing home-based hairdressing or owned your own salon. You may even find yourself working in a small, messy area, with children or pets in the room to distract you from your work sometimes.

Although mobile dressing allows you to become friendlier with your customers, it doesn’t allow you to pamper your customers as much as you might if you were working in a salon or work area of your own home. Mobile hairdressing may also limit some of the services you will be able to provide due to the lack of having the use of certain types of equipment and utilities, or for safety reasons.

Mobile hairdressing may also provide you with more customers than any of the other types of freelance hairdressing will. This is simply due to its added convenience to the customers. However, that will greatly depend on whether or not you’re willing to work weekends and evenings.

It will also depend on whether or not you’re willing to work on the elderly, children, and handicapped people. Most customers prefer to have hairdressing services performed in their own homes rather than in someone else’s home. However, you will still need to be cautious when selecting your customers, for your own safety’s sake.

You‘ll also have to carry your equipment around with you, which can get tiresome when you have to load and unload it several times a day. Moreover, all the travelling may cause extra wear and tear on your vehicle and equipment. Thus, the equipment and vehicle may require being repaired or replaced more often than they would need to be if you operated some other type of freelance hairdressing business. You‘ll also have to deal with the hassles and expense of travelling from one appointment to another.

Other disadvantages of mobile hairdressing are having to deal with customer dissatisfaction caused by unavoidable delays due to congested traffic. If you get delayed by road delays or a chatty customer, it could throw off yours and all of your remaining customers’ schedules for the rest of the day. Although most of your customers will not be too terribly upset about the delays, some will not be as understanding. Another disadvantage is trying to maintain a professional image. You’ll need to find ways to freshen up a bit in between your appointments, because all the travelling could make you become rather dishevelled looking and ruin your professional image.