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Job Hunting Tips for Nail Technicians

Many people might think that job hunting tips for nail technicians are not that necessary to take into consideration. To them, it may seem to be a simple task to obtain employment as a nail technician in the UK. The fact that there are no minimum qualifications required by law frequently makes people think nail technician jobs are easy to obtain. However, most of the 16,000+ UK businesses that employ nail technicians do require NVQ/SVQ qualifications and previous experience.

Job hunting skills and qualifications

As with any other field of employment, nail technicians need to master a basic set of job hunting skills and qualifications. They must know how to locate or create employment opportunities. Then they must know how to effectively apply for the desired positions. Sometime during the employment procedure, nail technicians must know how to pass the interview screenings. So they will need lots of patience, determination, stamina, self-confidence. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills are also essential, as is creativity and good organisational skills. A good working knowledge of social protocols and business etiquette is also helpful.

Numerous beginner or newly qualified nail technicians must compete for the limited number of positions available for inexperienced nail technicians. However, the following tips may help a nail technician gain an edge over the competition:

Set parameters for the job search before actually beginning it: Determine the type of position and pay desired, locations willing to work at, and lifestyle priorities (work schedules, personal relationships, education, and financial requirements, etc.).

Set a daily routine, being sure to submit applications early in the day and preparing the search agenda and attire the night before. Don’t forget to include personal care and good hygiene practices into the daily routine! Good first impressions and image are highly essential for success in the beauty, hair, and nail industry.

Remember to adapt your application information, photos, resume, and cover letter to address each employer’s specific needs and the job adverts. Don’t make the mistake of assuming all employers want or need the same thing and that the same resume and cover letter is good enough for all employers. Also make sure all the information is accurate and that people know you listed them as references. Don’t try to use the cover letter as a resume; keep the sentences short, yet informative and just pique the employer’s interest with it.

Use the right search tools: Use national and international job boards and recruitment agencies to obtain employment elsewhere, while using local job adverts and word of mouth referrals for local positions. Don’t forget that business directories, fashion magazines, and online beauty industry forums may also provide leads.

Give free demonstrations and do volunteer work whenever possible. This will not only hone your skills, but will increase your clientele and word of mouth referrals, and possibly create new employment opportunities.

Prepare for interviews by practicing what to say and how to dress. Keep a suitable outfit neat and tidy and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Never take anyone with you or have anyone waiting for you when you submit an application, resume, or attend an interview. Especially avoid having someone ask for an application while you’re present. Employers may think you’re too shy, lack confidence, or may be unreliable due to lacking your own transportation if someone is with you or asks for the application for you.

Never ring someone or answer your mobile phone during an interview, unless the interviewer specifically asked you to call someone to attain more information.

Always arrive for appointments and interviews early or on time, but never late. Ring the person and reschedule the appointment if you must be late.

Job hunting is a difficult task for anyone at any age. For someone just leaving school, finding employment may seem impossible. However, the aforementioned job hunting tips for nail technicians should make it easier to succeed, whether it’s your first or hundredth time of searching for employment.