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Insurance you may need as a freelance or mobile UK beautician

Perhaps you have just started a business as a freelance or mobile beautician in the United Kingdom. When you’re first starting out in business, it can be very overwhelming choosing insurance. You simply haven’t had enough experience to know what is most needed. In addition, you can’t afford to purchase every type all at once. However, knowing what insurance you may need as a freelance or mobile U.K. beautician is essential to your business success.

If you have more than one employee, it’s mandatory that you carry Employer’s Liability. All other insurance is optional. However, there are six types of insurance you should consider getting for at least a minimum amount of coverage. Some of these types may be combined under some insurance companies’ beauty liability coverage plans.

Here’s a list of those types you may need, in the order you should set priority on having them:

Professional Liability (Indemnity)

This protects you against lawsuits for injury or damages due to treatments you perform. This can include coverage from claims of negligence, errors or omissions, malicious falsehood, libel, and slander types of lawsuits.

Product Liability

This protects you against claims for damages or injuries caused by the products you use.

Public Liability

This protects you against financial damages and legal expenses that resulted from the death, injury, or property damage your business caused to a member of the general public. This is not for the death, injury, or property damage you may have caused a customer.

Stock and Equipment (Tools and Goods) in Transit

This protects against the accidental damage or loss of stock and equipment while being transported.

Business/Home Office/Equipment liability

This protects against the damages or loss of equipment, theft of documents, damage to premises used as a home office, and some other unforeseen circumstances.

Business Interruption Insurance (Revenue Protection)

This type helps you to pay bills, pay employees, and help with redundancy payments for a set period of time in case your business is interrupted or closed due to a fire or some other unforeseen event.

You may also need to consider revising your home or property insurance, if you have your business headquarters located in your home. Having a business headquartered on the premises may revoke some of the coverage, or may reduce some of your business insurance requirements. A qualified insurance agent should be able to advise you on this matter. Additionally, more experienced beauticians may be able to tell you what other insurance you may need as a freelance or mobile U.K beautician.