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Finding Employment as a Beauty Therapist or Beautician

Finding employment as a beauty therapist or beautician requires an individual to have more than just good beautician skills and qualifications. Job hunting in itself requires a certain type of skills, qualities, and knowledge. A job seeker must be capable of locating or creating employment opportunities, applying for positions, and passing the interview screenings.

Qualities required

It may take awhile to obtain employment, so beauticians and beauty therapists must have the patience, stamina, and determination to keep trying. Jobseekers also need to be able to maintain a positive attitude while coping with rejection. They must have enough ambition and self-motivation to job hunt every day despite all the temptations to procrastinate. It’s also essential for the job hunter to be friendly, as well as goal- and detail-oriented. Having lots of self-confidence, being persuasive, and being creative are also crucial qualities for finding employment.


It’s vital for beauticians and beauty therapists to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Beauticians and therapists must constantly utilise interpersonal and communication skills to maintain and develop their clientele. A job seeker who has good interpersonal and communication skills can often create employment opportunities where none previously existed.

It’s also important for the job seeker to have good organisational skills. The individual must organise information and schedules, as well as attire, and search resources. It’s highly recommended that job seekers keep search journals or logs to keep track of positions that have been applied for, as well as for keeping track of any new leads and follow-up activities.

It is also beneficial for the person to have computer and research skills. Many employment opportunities may be found through utilising online business directories, job boards and recruitment agencies. Numerous employers also insist that all applications be submitted online, along with a CV and cover letter.


One thing that all beauticians and beauty therapists need in order to obtain employment is a thorough understanding of the beauty industry. This knowledge must include the industry standards, insurance requirements, health and safety codes, and any relevant legislation. This knowledge of the beauty industry is necessary if the beautician or therapist is to recognise what the employers needs are. How can they convince employers they can provide for those needs otherwise?

The individual must be able to adequately demonstrate this knowledge of the beauty industry and the employer’s needs on a resume and cover letter. The person must also be able to convey their knowledge of the industry on employment applications and during interviews. It also helps to demonstrate this knowledge to the prospective clientele.

At least a basic knowledge of the geographical area is also necessary. The job hunter must be able to find addresses and arrive to appointments on time. The person must also know if the employment opportunity is within the parameters of the area he or she is willing to work in.

Very essential to the success of obtaining employment is the knowledge of social and business etiquette protocols. The individual must know how to properly behave and dress for each occasion. It’s important to remember to use good manners, especially during an interview or when submitting an application. Just as important, the individual needs to conduct follow-up activities such as sending a thank-you card, even if the position applied for was not obtained.

To someone just leaving college or school, job hunting may seem quite daunting. However, close to 300,000 people currently work in the hair and beauty industry. The majority of these people started their careers by finding employment as a newly-qualified beauty therapist or beautician.