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Chair renting pros and cons

Although there are some chair renting pros and cons, they are not as numerous as they are for other freelance hairdressing businesses. Most of the advantages and disadvantages will largely depend upon what type of arrangement is made. Usually, chair renting doesn’t provide very much flexibility. However, it may still be one of the best options for a freelance hairdressing business if the hairdresser isn’t quite ready to operate a solo business venture.

If a hairdresser wants the freedom of making some but not all the decisions, renting a chair from the salon can become the perfect solution. The hairdresser enters into a contract with the selected salon to rent a chair. The contract will define exactly which decisions the hairdresser will be responsible for, and which ones the salon owner will make.

For instance, the contract should define who is responsible for bringing in customers for the hairdresser to work on. The contract should also cover such things as which type of equipment will the hairdresser and salon owner each supply. It should also define who is responsible for choosing the products the hairdresser will use or sell while working in the salon.

Another item the contract should cover is who will be responsible for setting the hairdresser’s appointments and collecting payment from customers. It should also be predetermined who is going to be responsible for the utility bills and other overhead expenses usually incurred during the operation of a hairdressing business.

The freelance hairdresser still gets all the advantages of working in a salon environment without actually having to own a salon or be its employee. Yet, the hairdresser can also avoid some of the disadvantages of being a regular salon employee or salon owner. The hairdresser will simply have to make several decisions before arranging a contract with the salon owner.

The freelance hairdresser will have to decide before hand exactly what he or she wants. This includes the type of customers, the type of salon atmosphere, the products used, the services provided, and the work schedule. Then the hairdresser must carefully select a salon that provides all these options as part of the contract. If correctly chosen, the hairdresser can make more money than the regular staff employee while still avoiding all the responsibilities of the salon owner. However, it is highly recommended that the hairdresser seek out the services of a reputable solicitor to help draw up the legally binding contract.