Hairdressers Insurance
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Insurance? Who needs that?

Beauticians in the United Kingdom can live glamorous lives. Some of them even style the hair of the rich and famous and dress like rock stars and models themselves. Yes, the life of a beautician is fabulous and exciting! Today's trendy, up-with-the-times beauticians not only cut, colour and style hair, they give facials, add hair extensions, eyelash extensions, give massages, waxings and more. They are usually booked solid and not only hold court in their salons or home run businesses, but many are mobile and travel to a client's home to carry out most treatments that are normally done in a salon.

Most beautician's clients feel loved, pampered, spoiled and beautiful. When pleased, one single tip from a wealthy client can treat the largest UK family to a fabulous meal. But, Heaven forbid should something go wrong, because your adoring client will likely turn into the bride of Godzilla as she slaps a claim for thousands of pounds against you because the dye you used burned her scalp, or the eyelash extensions caused an eye infection or her toddler son fell over the portable massage table you brought along and knocked out a tooth, or the facial treatment left blotches on her face that won't go away. The list goes on and on and all signs indicate that your glamorous lifestyle will soon be over unless you have the proper insurance cover.

Insurance Packages For A UK Beautician

Whether practicing as a mobile beautician or a shop owner or both, an insurance package for beauticians could well include cover for Business and Office Equipment, Employer's Liability (if there is more than one employee), Public and Product Liability, Stock, Business Travel, Revenue Protection, Tools and Goods in Transit.

Public and Product Liability Insurance

It is quite obvious that Public and Product Liability Insurance is extremely important (although not mandatory) for a beautician to have in her portfolio. The business of beauty puts you in contact with clients, members of the public or third parties every single day. If someone other than a client walks into your studio and trips on a stool and breaks a leg, you and your business are liable for a claim filed against you for negligence. Public Liability will likely cover the expenses involved in the claim including damages and legal fees. If you travel to a client's home and somehow damage their property in any way, Public Liability will cover the damages and legal expenses involved. If you use a product that is somehow faulty and a client files a claim for injury or damages due to the use of that product, Product Liability will likely cover the damages awarded as well as legal expenses. Cover limits range from £1m, £2m or £5m, depending on the size of your business.

Professional Liability Insurance

Since beauticians are always giving advice about hair styles or skin treatments, etc., Professional Liability is a good idea in the event that the beautician falls victim to an accusation of error or neglect. Professional Indemnity (Liability) will likely cover any claim made against you and will most likely cover legal fees for defence of the claim.

Employers' Liability Insurance

Employers, Liability Insurance is mandatory if you have anyone working for you including freelancers, contractors, therapists, beauticians, trainees, etc. Any one of these staff members can file a claim against you or your business should they be injured or receive damages to their property whilst on the job. Illness is also reason for a claim, so should an employee become ill whilst working for you, leave the job and file a claim it is legitimate as long as the former employee can prove the illness was job related. Like any trade and self-employed person, beauticians should keep detailed records of all present and prior employees. To make sure a business owner has Employers' Liability Insurance, a certificate is sent to the business and must be displayed or carried with the owner at all times for employees or inspectors to review. Going without is not an option, and owners face thousands of pounds in penalties daily until proof of Employers' Liability is shown. The required amount of Employers' Liability cover is £5m.

Business Interruption Insurance

In the event that your business suffers a fire or any reason that forces it or you to close down for a period of time, Business Interrupted Insurance will likely help you pay the bills until your business is up and running once again. It will also likely help pay employees or help with redundancy payments if your employees are laid off.

The life of a beautician can be financially rewarding and glamorous as long as she has the right insurance cover!