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The qualifications and skills a beautician needs for success

You’ll need to know what qualifications and skills a beautician needs for success before deciding to make it your new career. Many people are attracted to becoming a beauty therapist simply because of the glamorous lifestyle it offers. They fail to consider all the special skills, qualifications, and knowledge that are vital to having a successful career as a beautician.

In order to be successful, a beauty therapist must have acquired specific types of knowledge and several years of specialised training. Freelance beauticians, mobile beauticians, spa owners, and beauty salon owners require numerous skills and qualifications outside the realm of simple beauty therapy.

A successful beautician will:

 Be outgoing, people orientated, and relaxed. The beautician must be able to get along with and be comfortable working with everyone.
 Be trustworthy, discreet, and dependable. The beautician has to be able to keep confidences, not be prone to gossip about others, and must be someone the clients can rely on, even in emergencies.
 Be able to perform work in an unobtrusive, non-invasive manner.
 Have a steady hand and be detailed-oriented. Some treatments require lots of delicate and detailed work.
 Have the ability to be involved in close contact with intimate parts of a stranger’s body, despite how squeamish it makes the beautician feel. This may mean working with someone who is obese, or who has bad body odour.
 Have an artistic flair and creativity. You must be able to envision what will or won’t suit a particular client, especially if you specialise in make-up and hairdressing.
 Have excellent time and stress management skills. Must be able to make and keep appointments, despite any delays. Must be able to work calmly and accurately despite stress level.
 Have a love of learning. You will constantly have to be learning new things, such as new techniques and styles. You’ll also have to be continually taking new courses in order to maintain any special certifications and licensing you may obtain.
 Be dedicated and passionate about the beauty therapy industry. It requires long hours of hard work to progress through the training levels to arrive at the professional career levels.
 Be interested in the scientific and medical fields. A beautician must be able to recognise medical conditions, and understand how the chemicals in the various products work or interact. He or she must also understand the basics of anatomy, physiology and dermatology.
 Must have business management skills, if planning on working as a freelance beautician, a mobile beautician, a spa owner, or a salon owner.

These may seem too high a level of skill and qualification levels for some people. However, many of these skills and qualifications can be acquired throughout the training and work experience periods. Others may be innate skills and qualifications that you already have, but they are just well-hidden. There are many wonderful career opportunities waiting for those people who have the qualifications and skills a beautician needs for success.

Remember that every insurance policy is different. ALWAYS read the policy carefully to make sure that it has the right cover for you!

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